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Weight loss is hard work (talk about restricted diet, calories balance, lack of meal diversity and associated diet fatigue). However, maintaining weight loss requires more effort. Research shows that over 80% of people tend to regain weight. This is because our body naturally favors weight gain to weight loss. Perceiving that we are starving, the body slows down basal metabolic rate, reduces satiety hormones and increases the hormone Ghrelin that drives you to eat more to gain the weight back.

Understanding the complexity of weight loss, My Zing Life supports women and kids to achieve sustainable weight loss and long term well being. We work closely with our clients to accomplish the following health goals:

  • Reduction in body fat
  • Improved energy
  • Blood sugar control
  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Reduction in risk factor for heart disease and type 2 diabetes



Become a member

All member enjoy flexible, monthly subscriptions to our package including

  • Personalised meal plans

We understand that each client is unique so we adopt a whole person approach to create personalized meal plans that factor in client’s lifestyle, culture, budget and dietary preferences.

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  • High Quality Diet

Our whole food approach delivers a nutritionally balanced meal. Recipes include high quality, minimally processed foods while reducing or avoiding the intake of meat and highly refined foods. Meals are sure to excite the palate and fuel the body.

  • Ingredient Delivery

Carefully designed and hand-packed, Zing box offer our clients convenience and value for money. You need not worry about the hassle of grocery shopping and meal preparation. We’ll handle all the stress while you simply prepare your easy to make, nutritious and tasty meals.

Our portioned ingredients ensure that you receive the exact quantity to prepare each meal, thereby reducing food waste at household levels.

This service is provided to our members at an affordable price.

  • Support Network

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much – Helen Keller

Members are part of a network that encourage, lift and strengthen one another. My Zing Life supports you on your weight loss/maintenance journey through training programs, group fitness sessions, stress and micro environment management.

Morale, high!